Wadia 22 Transport - anybody know anything?

I've scoured the internet but can't find much out about this transport. I am thinking of buying a used one locally, but I have no idea what it's worth, plus the age (1994 I believe) leads me to believe it might be a little before cd players went to 24/96. I'm no expert in this stuff, but I don't want to buy something that's not good. Right now I have a krell kav 300cd and think it's great - the Wadia would get hooked up to a second system with a ksa 50s and krell studio 2 dac. Any input anyone could offer would be much appreciated.
Steve Huntley@Great Northern Sound Company should be able to help.
One thing to consider is that if the transport goes you will have a boat anchor on your hands. There are no parts available to repair that transport. I second the suggestion to speak with Steve Huntley.
Thanks - I will follow your suggestions. It's just such a cool looking piece and it is currently working fine, but I don't want to shell out cash for something that can't be fixed.
I emailed with Steve Huntley who was super helpful. He told me it was a good transport but the pioneer stable platter mechanism is no longer in production so they don't support the 22 and can't do repairs on it. Thanks to everyone for the advice.
I wonder if Steve would install an NOS Pioneer mechanism if you located one?
Wadia took forever getting back to me on my questions, but when they did they said that they do indeed still service the 22.
Can they upgrade it in any way or substitute another transport mechanism?
They just told me that they service it - didn't specify anything else.
Info from an original Wadia brochure/manual:-

"Wadia engineers chose a transport mechanism which firmly clamps the disc, from above, onto a massive full-size platter. etc etc."

"One year warranty for the transport mechanism structure and associated electronics and Five years for all other parts of the product", but as you say that was in 1994/95 when it was released.

CD Pickup - 3 beam, objective lens drive.
Pickup Drive method - Worm gear driven servo.
Disc diameter - 120mm/80mm
Play time - Approx. 60 min./ 20 min.
Weight - 16lbs
Dimensions - 5.75" High, 13.75" Wide, 13" Deep.

Found the Wadia 22 solidly built, never failed and is able to read poor quality CD's no problem. Works well with Wadia 12 to 27 DAC's.

Think the Wadia 22 was around RRP $2.5K in 1995, so not cheap in today's dollars. You should not be disappointed in a well cared unit, but recommend GNSC to "service it" if unsure.
Pioneer also used the same transport mechanism in their high end reference range at the time. Hope this helps.