Wadia 21 vs. Res Audio CD50 or CD55?

I recently purchased a used Wadia 21, which is a wonderful player; heads above the Marantz CD63SE it replaced! But.....I'm starting to feel like I purchased yesterdays news, you know "old" technology. I know that things like "upsampling", "24/96" and the like should not matter; in the end, only sound quality and musical satisfaction should matter. And I know that a player that sounded great 3 years ago (when the Wadia 21 was discontinued) should still please musically today. Having said that, I'm wondering: Has anyone out there had a chance to compare the Wadia 21 with any of the "next generation" CD players featuring 24/96 or upsampling technology? I'm especially interested your thoughts regarding the Resolution Audio CD50 or CD55 (upsampling). How about the Arcam CD23 FMJ? Does it make sense to go from one expensive yet slightly "outdated" player to another expensive yet more current player? Of course in an ideal world, I'd just try the various players in question out in my system, but that seems to be a difficult task at this time; no local dealers with whom I have a relationship. The rest of my system is as follows: Wadia 21 (direct to power amps) Alon V mkIII VTL MB-120 monoblocks or Bryston 4B-ST Harmonic Technology wire and interconnects Bryston BP25 or Blue Circle BC3 preamp (currently out of the loop) I'm also in the process of upgrading my power amps (Ayre or BAT), but that is best left for another thread! Thanks!
Deb, The Wadia 21 is upgradeable to the Wadia 21i which is equivalent to the 850 currently in production. See their web site for details. The big changes are a new circuit board and variable setting for the output gain. It is not cheap, $1800. But, if you have the scratch it is worth it.
Thanks for the info about the Wadia upgrade, but it now seems like a moot point. Life circumstances (not one, but TWO, count 'em TWO children on the way soon!) dictate that I must liquidate a portion of my audio gear, as the dedicated listening room will soon have cribs, changing tables, etc....My den will not suffice, so the system will undergo a MAJOR downsize (CD player, int. amp, monitor speakers) My curiousity about these players will most likely have to wait, unless I come up with SOME sort of master plan SOON! Is life funny, or what? But again, thanks for the insight.
I saw your thread and I myself am looking for a new CD player. This after having the Sony SACD player. I also had a Linn Ikemi CD player that was based on the much vaunted Sondek CD 12. The dealer got the Arcam FMJ 23 and it sounded better than the $20k CD12 to everyone's ears. The best I have heard thought, has been a Cal Audio CL20 using the Chesky and Classic Records DAD's that use the audio track from video DVD's. I have never had a more convincing illusion of performers being in fron of me. It was absolutely the best. The regular CD side of that player needed some help. So that is where you could use an outboard D/A converter to shore it up until formats get straightened out. Also, you might want to consider moving up in the VTL line instead of changing over. I have had 22 amps in this crazy hobby over the last nine years and I have had the VTL's for two of those years. I have even owned an Ayre. I have the MB250's with Harmic Technology cable troughout, Maggie 1.6's, with a Copland tube pre amp. I have never been more settled in those departments. It's just the CD side I am trying to get set with. (I have to be careful here because it leaves an opening to some analog lovers and their zeal to say, "We told you so" and start posting responses that take away from the main topic asked for with the thread.) I am also looking into trying the Resolution Audio CD55. I talked to the guy at Resolution and he says that his upsampling claim was "tongue-in-cheek". Regardless, there are a lot of individuals convinced that this company has a giant killer to offer. Good luck.