Wadia 2000 owners, I need help

Okay, so I was feeling risky and decided to go into my old Wadia 2000 dac and try to replace the old wiring and harnesses with silver point to point. etc etc. Just for fun.
And in my enthusiasm, neglected to take a picture of it all before attempting this.
I have spent many hours on the net looking for either a schematic or high rez photo of the inside. Found nuttin. And I would really like to check my work before giving the unit power.

Is anyone out there who has access to one of these older units willing to pop the top off temporarily in order to get a hi rez photo? This silly audiophile would greatly appreciate it.

P.S. already checked with Wadia directly. Unit it too old and current company has no info on it anymore.
I would talk to Steve Huntley from Great Northern Sound @ 651-351-5355 since there are different models around.I would take a picture of mine but it has a digital voulumne control and I suspect that yours maybe different.Hope this helps Dennis
Thanks. I hadnt thought of that.
And Wow, I didnt even know they could add the volume control to the 2000. That must be pretty wicked!