wadia 20 transport and 25 dac

I find wadia 20 transport and 25 dac in my city. it's both $4000. i am using quad cd-p 99 vers1 . is it upgrade for me? Can i take your coments?
I used the combination for years and it's very good. The problem is that many of the parts, including the drive mechanism, are no longer available. If they need service you will be out of luck. You would be much better off looking at newer gear. My Modwright Transporter replaced a Wadia 861 SE and sounds much better to me.

Good Luck.
Hi Joey54 very thanks for yor response. I'm too old drawback because the risk of experiencing difficulties in the service my needs. thanks and best regards
The price for this combo is sky high IMO.
Thanks Elberoth2, i am looking find another player or combo.