I am now using a classe cdt-1.

If i use wadia ipod dock whit uncompressed audio track extrack from a original redbook, can I get the same sound quality that my cd transport?

You can consider the same cable connexion in a/b comparison(coax digital).

My system:
Dynaudio contour s5.4
Simaudio dac preamp and amp
Jps labs interconnects and powers cables

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I used to think so. And it may be possible but I upgraded my CD player and now think that my CD player with the same music floors my DAC and iPod dock. I have a Wadia 170 I and a Jolida tube DAC that I was comparing to my Magnavox CDB 650 CD player. I use all Kimber Kable PBJ for interconnects and a Kimber Kable D 60 illuminations silver cable for my digital between the iPod dock and the DAC. I have since upgraded my CD player to a Jolida JD 100 day which is brought the CD portion to a whole new level but I am trying different things to try and make the sound upgrades better quality for my DAC. However with all that being said I do not think that playing music through my iPod dock and that sounds all that bad