Wadia 170i -- Worth the Efort and Cost?

Here's my situation. I have just gotten all my gear out again and a putting it in place in my permanent abode. I have an open input into my amp and some extra gear (Rest of it is posted here in the Budget system area)

Proposal: Pick up a Wadia 170i run the digital out through a fully functional Audio Alchemy set up I have as spare parts: DT! 2.0 then through the I2S cable to a DDE 3.0 then down into my amp. Good idea? Too soon on the iPod hook through? Thoughts?
Haven't heard your setup, but I love my ipod classic 160 and wadia transport feeding a benchmark dac 1 and Threshold gear. The sound is fantastic.
Same results as Jpainter for me, I am extreemly happy with the purchase; I really like not having to switch CDs in and out and the shuffle option is awesome. It may not be for everyone but it works for me.

Ditto here.

I'm using a 170i + Benchmark DAC. The sound is great and I like the convenience of putting together playlists and easy access to my collection. For most recordings I find it indistinguishable from the CD's played on a Marantz SA-11S1.

imho the sound quality from the Benchmark DAC was much improved when using a preamp - Bryston BP-26 versus running straight to the power amps - 7BSST's.