Wadia 170i v.s 171i Digital Transport

Has anyone upgraded their first generation 170i to the new released 171i digital transport from Wadia? I am wondering if the performance difference is so great that it's worth the investment. I am using a CI Audio power supply upgrade with Magus power cord and it helped the performance, a bit. Besides any additional functionality, is there a notable musical improvement with the new model worth making the move to upgrade? Your opinion please. Thanks!
The Onkyo doc is superior in every way. I would also look at the new PURE i-20 dock.
Dear Grege, thanks for the response. Can you be a bit more specific in how the docks you are suggesting are superior? Thanks!
Well my question has been answered and brought to closure. I purchased the 171i and right out of the box it sounded much better than the 170i. I understand that Wadia is going to continue to offer the 170i, why I'm not sure, other than it's a couple hundred $$ less, but the 171 is so much better I feel it's worth the extra expense, especially if you have a high res system.

Thanks all! Signing out on this one.