Wadia 170i linked to Esoteric UX-1

Hello fellow A'goners. Recently purchased a Wadia 170i without realizing that there is no place for me to connect it: I have a Dartzeel Integrated Amp, and an Esoteric UX-1 (both stellar units, BTW), but there is no place to plug in the digital cable that came with the Wadia. I was able to get it working by using the analog outs to the Dartzeel, but I know that this is less than desirable. Is there a way to utilize the DAC in the Esoteric, or do I have to buy a stand-alone DAC. Any help is appreciated, as always.
no digital in on esoteric UX-1? if you like to stay with esoteric sound, i suggest selling UX-1 then get esoteric sa-50, which has digital in and it uses the latest fitler with 32bits chip.
good luck
If the UX-1 does not have a coaxial digital input, you cannot access its DAC. You need either a separate DAC or a CD player with a coaxial digital in to hear the Wadia at its best, since the main point of the Wadia is to extract the digital signal from the iPod, thereby bypassing the iPod's internal DAC. I believe the RCA outputs on the Wadia are just passing along the analogue signal from the iPod. You do not bypass the iPod's internal DAC, so the 170i is just acting like an expensive dock.
Thanks for responding. Since I want to keep the UX-1 (it was modded by David Schulte), I guess I'll just add an independent DAC. Enjoy the music!
Another good reason to keep the UX-1 is that it has arguably the best transport ever offered by Esoteric, now only found in the far more expensive P-01 series separates.
"Thanks for responding. Since I want to keep the UX-1 (it was modded by David Schulte), I guess I'll just add an independent DAC."

That is the right decision, IMO. I would definitely not launch as good a source as the UX-1 just to get a Wadia 170i properly up and running. The Wadia offers convenience but the sound quality is not in the same league as a good dedicated CD player.
joining late, why not opt for the coming 121 dac, it might not be comparable to your ux-1, but certainly good for the ipod, and then again, it might be nearly as good as the ux-1.
even though wadia always seems to be later than advertised (happens to me too :-) they actually have got their act together again, and this seems to be ideal for the job.