Wadia 170i how to connect?

I have a Wadia 861 with digital inputs & just got a Wadia 170i!

I currently have it connected to my pre-amp & sound nice!

I'd like to run it through my 861 so I can use the volume control on the 861 which my pre-amp dosen't have.

What is the procedure & the connectors (ic's) I'd have to use?

The only digital output on the 170 is rca & the 861 has different connections!

No tech head here, just enjoy the music!!

Thanks for any help!!
Assuming you have digital inputs on your 861, just use the BNC to RCA adapter you got with your Wadia on the BNC input of the Wadia and use a digital coax RCA cable to connect the two. Then switch the input on the Wadia to coax and you should be set.
A good digital cable will make a big difference with the 170i, as well a good power cord. For the latter, you will need an adaptor that you can get from Voodoo Cable that is well made and works well.

Thanks, didn't have BNC adaptor got one at Radio Shack!! I'm up & running!! Sounds great will get better digatl cable. Again thanks!!