Wadia 170i and a Cary 306/200 CD player

Need a little help. I am about to purchase the Wadia 170i for my apple ipod. How do I connect this to my 2 channel only system. I know that the Cary 306/200 has several inputs so I believe that I would connect this through the cd player. Also I take it that you can't play the Wadia and the CD player at the same time.

Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.
The Wadia 170i has analog outputs i.e. L & R. you connect these analog outputs into your preamp line level input & you are set to go. Don't have to mess with the rear panel of the Cary CDP.
Now you can switch between the Cary & the Wadia 170i using the preamp selector switch.

IFFFF you are taking the digital output from the Wadia 170i then you need to feed that digital output into your DAC input. Maybe the Cary CDP can accept a digital input & act as a DAC? I don't know but you can look at the rear panel & determine that.
Not sure if this is what your asking, but You can use the coax output of the 170i to your Cary and use the Cary as DAC in your system. You will need a coax digital cable.