Wadia 170i alternatives?? Onkyo and others??

Are there any other manufacturers of iPod docks with digital output like the Wadia 170i??? I know there is an Onkyo NS-D1 model but it does not appear to be available in the USA.

In regard to the Onkyo, has anyone seen, heard or purchased one?? Is the voltage adjustable to fit USA requirements or do you need a step-down/up transformer??

I have never seen a used Onkyo on this or any other site in spite of the fact that it is significantly cheaper than the Wadia.


Cambridge just came out with an ipod dock model called the iD100 which outputs digital, lists for $299. (I believe they also make 2 other docks which are analog only).

I'm currently using an Onkyo, without an additional step up transformer and it works great. I've never heard a Wadia so I can't really compare but the Onkyo works without a hitch with both my 2nd gen iTouch and current iPod classic. I've heard there are issues with certain older ipods though. There's a guy on ebay selling these with shipping for a little over $200, shipped same day and reached me in NYC in 5 days. If you want email me and I can look up the seller name for you.
peachtree also makes digital pod docks in their integrated amplifiers. they are also releasing a dac standalone unit but i havn,t read much about it and it is 1000 dollars. and hrt music streamer has a new istreamer dac for ipod use at 199.00.. it isn,t a dock so it doesn,t have all the options and remote control. i am holding off til a company releases a 100 dollar dock with the digital pins access and i can use my vdac with my ipods.
the peachtree is called the idac.
thx for the info ... the HRT looks interesting but I wish they would have made it a dock rather than something which connectes to the ipod via a cable. the price is very attractive for something including a DAC though. for my purposes, a dock that outputs a digital data stream is needed for my Lyngdorf digital amp as it does not have analog inputs at all. will have to check out the others listed!

thx again

I went with the original Apple TV instead of the Wadia iTransport. Think of it as a 160 gb iPod with an optical output. It's far easier to control, is significantly less buggy, and has a lot more functions than the iTransport.

You can pick one up on Amazon for $150 and get a refurbed iPod Touch from the Apple Store to use as a remote for cheaper than the iTransport.
the Apple TV would not be an option for me ... main use of the dock will be for my daughter and her friends to use when they are over and want to listen to music from various iPods

thx for the suggestion though!

if your daughter is like most younger people i would suspect any dock with some rcas out would never be heavily scrutinized as we audiophiles tend to do.
her and her friends are definitely NOT audiophiles, but my amp only has digital inputs (no analog) so the Wadia, Onkyo and Cambridge items are the only ones that have digital output from an iPod