Wadia 170 and Anthem D2

Has anyone tried a Wadia 170 IPOD transport connected to the Anthem D2 as the DAC? How is the sound, detail and jitter?
I have an Anthem AVM50 which i tried to get a Wadia 170 I transport to work with and found that there is a known problem (from Anthem tech support) with the signal the Wadia puts out so that you can't just connect it to the Anthem via a digital cable. It must be converted to balanced at the Anthem end and rca at the Wadia.This can cause some issues with rca being 75 ohm and balanced at 110 ohms.
I solved the problem by adding a Music Hall DAC (tubed).
Very happy with the results. Make sure your ipod is loaded with lossless data.
Thank you. That is very helpful for letting me know. I don't know how long I would have wrestled with it.

Do you use the Music Hall DAC for any other uses? Do you run anything else through it into the AVM 50, (such as CD)?

Thanks again