wadia 16 player close & play buttons don't work (unit or remote)

Hi there,
my Wadia 16 CDP plays me a trick. And I prefer when it plays music.

So what's going on? When a cd is inside, if I light the unit on, it plays it directly (and always extremely well). That's almost all that I can do. The two faceplate buttons don't work (open/close & play). On the remote, the only functions which are working are mute, invert, source, display on/off and the volume. The play/stop/quick/forward/back and open/close buttons don't work, as on the unit itself.

I opened it of course, to see if something was wrong with the clamping (VRDS machine), or the belts (I changed the back and forth tray to be sure, or something that could be obvious. If I get the tray out manually when the machine is off, and that I put it on, nothing happens. If I push gently the tray (tray out and CDP on), then the tray moves swiftly in its read position (no noise), the clamping sequence works perfectly, the display is "CLOSE" and the CDP starts reading and playing the CD. All this sequence is playing perfectly. But then, once the CD is in, and playing, I can't do anything else except waiting for the end of the record... wich is annoying if like me you wish to use the Wadia 16 to play maybe several different CDs... (it's expensive if you don't and prefer to play the same record each time).

Well, I think that I described my problem nearly completely. I probably have forgotten to try other tricks, but didn't want to take risks.

I'm suspecting that the chip that manages the tray/reading operations could be faulty. But Wadia's engineers like to play with proprietary labels on chips (like 450026-009). And I'm not very savvy about those things.

Thank you for reading and if one of you met that same problem, or can help me with an idea or even the schematics, I'll be glad to learn something.

Jérôme, France

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Thank you Elizabeth, you're right to explore on that side. I had disconnected/reconnected already the ribbon connector on both sides from the operating board to the motherboard, and another one somewhere else, without success. I can try other places where I can find connectors. Thank you for caring ;) (btw I sent a message to Wadia, I'll keep you informed if I've got a response ;)
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Yes it could be, but they're not easy to test when on board. I had a quick view on some of them and they "look" normal. But it doesn't say they ARE in the specs. AFAIK, the laser pick-up itself seems OK since the reading is normal, and it moves normally. You are right about the chip vs capacitors durability, and I'll take the time to double-check all capacitors and power jonctions... 
A company called George Meyer in Los Angeles has purchase all the remaining Wadia parts from Wadia and they may be able to help. Good luck!

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Thanks jcatral, I'll think about it if no easier solution comes by. LA is 9.000km from my place ;) but once I know where the problem comes from and if a part is needed, I'll call them. Useful tip.