Wadia 16/16i

Hi, I was about to purchase a 16i to replace my 830 but have suddenly found myself spoilt for choice as a 16 has popped up as well. Has anyone listened to both units? My understanding is the 16i provides more detail and resolution but at the expense of the musicality, flow and timing of the 16 and therefore it is a less enjoyable listen. Is this a fair statement?
You should talk to Steve Huntely at Gnsc,the "i" upgrade improved the sonics and resolution of the 16.I have a 15i and a friend with a 16i who just had Steve install the se platter.We are amazed at the resolution and dynamics these units are capable of. The "i" gives all new mother boards and new dacs, this upgrade was not cheap. The costs were 2200.oofor the update and 2000.00 for the se platter, Steve also did a major upgrade on the sonics previously. I hope this helps,Steve's number is 651-762-8333.I would get the 16i if it were up to me- Take care Dennis
thanks dennis. steve has indeed been an invaluable source of information.