wadia 151 dac/amp

i bought one and changed speakers. i have to use around 60 on the volume scale to reach sometimes the loudness that i want . does anyone out there have one and know anything about using the amp at such a strong output for and hour or so of listening time...how it is protected, the amp that is, any info would be appreciated due to no info from wadia in paperwork..thanks
I don't know the working of the product specifically. So this is just an assumption on my part. Since it is a Wadia and they like to use digital volume controls, they are likely to have it set-up so that a higher setting on the volume control is necessary to achieve evern average listening levels and yet higher setting to achieve "louder" listening levels.

This is a good thing if it DOES have a digital volume control as many claim (and I agree) that you really want to be well past 50% and my preference is 75% of the max. on a digital volume control to deliver the desired quality.

Too low of a setting (as a percentage) actually reduces the quality of the digital signal.

Do you know whether the volume is controlled via an analog or digital volume control?
Call Wadia and ask them.
ckoffend it is digital all the way to the d amp out..wow amazing output at higher levels but not knowing is the non deal ....i love the top to bottom overall sound as it is not harsh or boomy but very detailed as wadia digital can be....thanks for the input

prpixel good ideas i did email them once concerning something and they were very responsive......

I'm going to have to go out on a limb here and say the volume number is arbitrary. If the amp isn't overheating and/or clipping, I doubt you're pushing it too hard.
indeed, I use or used it with a fantastic Merlin MAster TSM: The volume setting is 49 (quiet) 60 (middle loud) 70 (if you want a full orchestra)
I had exactly the same thought as you, but - as it never got warm in any way, i forgot about it.
It sound pretty good, although orchestra shows its limits, and piano as well, so I switched back to the good amplification, just because it is here ;-)
My son loves it!!
The amp is 50 watt class-D and I would think that Wadia would put some protection circuit in there. The volume is in the digital domain, so the higher the number - the better the theoretical resolution, given that you don't clip it by going too loud on hungry loudspeakers.