Wadia 151 Break-In

The Wadia sounds great with just a few hours on it. Wondering what kind of break in period owners have noticed. Thanks.
24 hours has made a nice improvement
Hello. I've just purchased a 151 myself. I was curious of a couple of things. First, how has the 151 progressed for you since your last post. Second, most people will use 151 in a desktop system. Is this how you are using it, or is it in the main audio system? I recently had to downsize my system and went with the all-in-one 151 Wadia. Mine arrives sometime next week.
I feel the Wadia improved over a few weeks of almost constant use. I use it for desktop only, currently with Vienna Haydn Grands, and it sounds great. Room is about 10x12.
It needs more than 100 hours of burn-in to reach it's full potential.
I concur on the 100 hours of burn-in. I know this is going to be used mostly as a desktop setup, but it definitely has the ability to be the center of a main system. I just posted some comments on it's ability to push my Tannoy Definition DC8s, in a thread I had on cables.

Really surprised at how well it performed with excellent speakers. I'm thinking of setting it up for my parents with some Totem Rainmakers. Anyways, enjoy your new amp!