Wadia 151 - any good?

Hi guys

I am currently looking for a new amp and DAC to match with my Audio Note An-J/spe (older model with grilles). The Wadia 151 I think would be a good match as the speakers are sensitive - 93/db, and I play music in a small room and not very loud, and I only play music from my Wadia 171i and my lap top.

Unfortunately the Wadia 151 is difficult to find in Europe. I can get one off ebay, but that won't give any chance to listen to it first. There are some reviews on the internet, but opinions are mixed to a certain extent. So if any one has any reallife experince I would appreciate any comments.

I would like to add that I have tried tubes and SS-amps and were most pleased with tubes, except the ones that I used had difficulties controlling bass (Prima Luna/ Audio Note pre and Doxa power combi). I have also tried Class D amps and some were really awfull and sounded very compressed especially in the high tones - more or less like a MP3 file.

Now I have an t-amp which I bought for temporary use - Trends 10.2, and playing on batteries this is really a fine little amp. I do however miss a more dynamic sound, and soundstage is wide, but not deep. The T-amp does however not sound compressed, though a bit dull.

Any comments are most appreciated, and if you have reallife experience perhaps you can perhaps also be so kind to link to a review that is adaquate to your experience.

Secondly, how are the comfort of using this small box - remote doesn't look that great?

Best regards
Henrik, Denmark
Its good but the NAD C390DD is better - although more expensive. Check out my mate John Darko's review:

Know John well - not normally that fussed about reviewers - sometimes I think they breathe different oxygen - but John is one guy you can trust. His writing is just a bit 'flowery' for my taste - thats all - but in my experience reviewers are often like that.

Thanks Bill, I will audition the NAD, which is available nearby.

For some reason the the DAR reviews didn't show when I did a search for the Wadia. But there is a lot of good info on the site.