Wadia 130 A-D- Converter

Does anyone have experience using the Wadia for digitalizing their vinyl? I've
used the Project Phono amp with the USB output for this purpose, and I find it a pretty frustrating piece of equipment. Some recordings fare well but more often than not there is a loud hiss which doesn't actually seem to be reproduced through the rest of the system as the record is playing.
The Wadia says something about having to be used with a CD-Burner. Is this
really the case, or can files be burned to a hard drive?
Before jumping to high-priced equipment you may try Alesis ML9600 player/recorder and AD converter. I use mine with no problem digitizing vinyl.
I looked up Alessis, but the only thing that looked like it might fit was a company that makes pro audio stuff based in Cumberland R. I.