Wadia 121 not working

When I turn the dac on I have three lights that come on , power, volume blinking and ebu light on all of the time . The remote has new battery. I can't change any of the inputs or volume with the remote. Re booting ,the same three lights come back on, no control with remote. Is there a program that I can punch into remote to trouble shoot, or suggestions on what to do? Thanks
Make sure you don't have it on mute. If not, check the remote again. The buttons on Wadia remotes sometimes get stuck under the face of the remote if you push it down far enough.
I have replaced battery in the remote, pushed all of the buttons a number of times . I assume the mute button is mute on and off. The volume led keeps flashing regardless of what I do.
The volume light flashes when the unit is muted. I should have asked, did you just get this Wadia, or have you had it for a while and had it working?
Good question I just bought it used. I am just trying to make sure that I have done everything possible before I return it.