Wadi internal level adjustment

Wadia owners,
If running a Wadia 861 with a preamp and Wadia volume at 100% does the internal level adjustment make any difference?
If so does anyone have the values? My manual does not have the values. It just says to adjust the internal switches.

According to my understanding the internal switches adjust the output voltage, the volume control adjusts resolution. If the volume control is at 100% you should have 100% resolution no matter what the output voltage.
Rja: is correct with volume at 100% no bits are shaved or dropped off, the dip switches allow you also to run the Wadia really hot out 4volt/5volt etc which some preamps can't handle, but if you had to drive a passive preamp with a long interconnect the Wadia could do it.
Ideally, you would want to be using the digital volume control on the Wadia in the 75-100 range. If you are normally listening and the volume scale reads 50 or 60 you are giving up too many bits, so you would adjust the internal dip switches to a lower output voltage.