WA Sasha verusu SF Sstradivarius?

Some time ago there was a dicusion about SF stradivarius verus wilson audio speakers, and if I am not wrong, there was a tendency to compara the stradivariu with maxx, but now I would like to know if is possible to compare with the new wilson audio sasha?

It is possible to compare anything to anything but what is the point. The Stradis are a nice speaker but are not really competitive with most of todays' speaker systems in that price point. They really don't go low enough.

The Strads have classic SF strengths of coherence and a great midrange and are very listenable.

Where they fall down is dynamic range, deep bass response and ultimate transparency and holography.

The Sasha is a nice speaker and there are many other great speakers which compete with that speaker, if I was looking at the Sasha I would also recommend the KEF 207.2 which are outstanding if set up correctly.
I heard the Stradivarius a few years ago on a trip to Calif and it was stunning. I do not rememeber the electronics and will send an e-mail for more information but I remember that there was at least tube amplification. It was a very nice system. I also remember that it was so easy to sit back and get lost listening to the music without being aware of any one strength or weakness. I did not notice any deficiencies in bass but was not listening to full orchestra's or dueling pipe organs. One of the very finest speakers I have heard. When I have listened the Wilson's I always liked the sound but always came away with there being some evidence of strength and weakness and could never quit loose the feeling I was listening to a stereo. I do think that is very set up dependant so would not consider my experience on the wilsons consistent with what one should expect. The Strads though, stunning. The room was large, not heavily dampened but not bright. They look very striking as well.
Me, I just listened to the Sasha, and they sounded too thin and bright. The bass was poor in extension. They did go LOUD, sounded very FORWARD (BRIGHT high-end). I was overall unimpressed. The imaging was not their strong point either. Build quality was top notch. So, I used a CD that I am used to, and warmth and bass extension was just not there.

This, with a 60 grand set up with tube amps, preamps and expensive cables. OK, the bass is some the room. The high end is more the speaker than the room which was adequately sized, and the overall sound was not what I would call "nice". Music sounded electronic and harsh, through tubes!

I also listened to, with the SAME CD, Magnapanes 9@K model), Vandy 2CE, and MartinLogans (25K model). All of these were MUCH more musical to my ear, and at a price point from 2K to 30K.

I'd listen to Quatros, 5a's, 802D's and many more before I decided on the Sasha. The price is more than my entire Quatro set-up, and I feel it is MUCH more emotional a sound stage than waht the Sasha does. I just can't get excited about this speaker unless you listen to words, not music.