WA-Quantum GmbH's Quantum Chips

WA-Quantum GmbH's Quantum Chips has anyone tried these?

I have tried the fuse chips and I am quite impressed! How the ... ???

So, I went ahead and ordered chips for speakers,cables,and transformer chips. I also purchased a few more fuse chips to try on circuit breakers / outlets.
Heck, I may even try some of them on my Synergistic powercell.
Luckly they come with a 30 day return.

I have read Norm's positive review on Stereo Times.

Just wondering if anyone else has tried these.
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My two cents worth. I tried the fuse chips 2 in my amp and one in my dac, both are W4S products. I felt the chips definitely made things clearer and w/ more detail, but at a cost.There seemed to be a frequency boost, which made the system kinda holler. If you speak and than speak w/ a megaphone you certainly hear more of everything, but do you want to listen to it all day. I applied the chips to my SR black fuses, and it is obvious the chips are designed to be used w/ the Hifi fuses. Both HIFI fuses and WA are owned by the same company. Perhaps, the chips work well w/  the Hifi fuse, but I found the sound grading to my ears. Perhaps they would sound better in a system that needs a high end boost. Just my opinion.
Just for the record, I had excellent results using the WA chip on my Audio Magic nano liquid fuse. I also had good results on headphones near the transducers with the inductor WA chips, on the breaker box with cable WA chips, and on various other things. Ironically the cable WA chip did not work for my cables. The secret ingredient is obviously mixed in with the adhesive backing of the chips, which leads me to still think it’s another application of ye olde quantum dots. What else could it be? I actually don’t believe the WA Quantum Chip maker is HIFI Tuning, but another German company, hence the relationship between HiFi Tuning and WA Quantum Chip. I also seriously doubt WA would interfere with Black fuse operation, as long as the chip did not cover the little black dot of you know what on the body of the Black fuse. And even if it did, so what. It's only a small number of atoms in there. Hel-loo!
No result for me with some of them, but...SR Blue Fuse= Just Wow !
Its amazing how we can change our minds about a product. I haven't used these stickers for years.