I've got my STP-SE inhouse and researching my upgrade mods. I understand both Underwood and W4S sell mods as a service but I would like to keep costs down and exercise my soldering iron.

Does anyone have specifics on values/locations for updating the volume ladder resistors, diodes, and inductors that would be awesome.  

I believe I have details around the PS caps, voltage regs and opamp chips. 

Anyone have specific recommendations for parts to swap vs leave as is? Any specific pitfalls or gotchas I should be aware of?

Thanks much,

"One theory would be that you mixed it up and there is only one input buffer with two output buffers. The one input buffer would only be used to create the "inverted" balanced signal when a single-ended RCA input is used. Then it goes to the discrete FET stage, which should be fully balanced/differential. Then there are two output buffers for both the normal and inverted signals of the XLR connection."

So upgrading the input buffer would only improve the sound of the RCA inputs and have no affect on the balanced input signals?
vfrpilot, how's the DIY mod coming along on your stp-se?
Which mods did you end up doing?