W4S STI-1000 what IC and power chord?

I use STI-1000 and Signalcable silver ref, magic power chord to cdp and a unknown brand power chord.
The STI power chord i use now, sound smoother and has wider soundstage than signalcable power chord (at the amp).
But i look to try another power chord and IC.
I notice more difference on power chords with this amp than any of previous combos which have been, Gryphon, Plinius, Krell.
I mainly look for a more creamy, golden glow in the mid, and smoother top end with deep down low bass detail.
As for now, i think i have a bit of, overly dry sound.
Mid could have more warmth and glow and treble could be soften but not losing detail.

I have looked at some IC's from: Cardas, Purist, Transparent and MIT. Though, some very expensive, some better priced.
I am a bit laidback on cable buys, mostly due to prices and risks of expensive trial and error vices.
Would not want to end up with a boomy or to recessed cable clipping on dynamics.
Users of especially STI amps, and even the power and pre amp combo users. What do you use, in terms of IC's and power chords?
My speakers are very vivid and very open.
For instance, using Signalcable power chord ay STI-1000 is sharp sounding in my system.
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I'll share this with you and anyone else who is in the market for a PC.Audio Sensibility,www.audiosensibility.com
I've auditioned,bought and sold many brand name PC's,never have I heard anything this good.
I would look at My Audio Cables (MAC). They have some pretty good sounding interconnect cables and power cords.

I know the SignalCable Silver Resolution cords are extended on the top and not particularly detailed in the bass.

I have the Wyred STI-500 hooked up at the moment and I'm just using the stock power cord, but I may replace it with a High Current power cord from MAC just to see what changes I'll hear. The HC is a very good and shamefully inexpensive cord that I've used with surprisingly good results on other components. They also make a Burley power cord that's supposed to be excellent but I haven't tried it.

In their Interconnect line the UltraSilver + provides smooth performance that is not the strongest in the bass, but quite articulate. It is very extended and smooth in the highs. The more expensive Mystic Interconnects are very good and have powerful, articulate bass but less apparent high frequency extension. The Palladiums are slightly less money, but the Mystics have better focus and precision.

I hope this helps. Let me know what you wind up using for the power cord.
I have borrowed Transparent Audio REF xlr, xl version. This sounds at it's best, with high resolution power chords. If i use a smooth PC, the REF IC sounds too closed in a lose microdynamics and detail. A PC that sounds harsh with my Signalcable Silver ref IC, sounds very good with the Transparent REF IC. However, i feel the Transparent is very controlled, if offers a somewhat closed in sound compared to the Signalcable, but in a good way. Only thing missing, is better microdynamics. Some frequencies, are to low, almost like a dip in some areas. This IC, with better microdynamics, had been the key here. Hm.... these network cables, are to darn expensive. I would like to try MM or MM2 of Ref, but that is so no no no. Maybe i look into MIT. Question is, is it worth it. I find it more interesting, i've not seen IC's made especially for class D amps. That do have a very open sound. As do my loudspeakers. This requires a IC, in my case, that is a bit calmer, a bit closed in on the top. Pair this with a PC that is of highest resolution and it will match very fine.
I made my own and couldn't be happier. Check VHAudio.com. I am using Accrolink cable with Oyeida 046 or Furutech F1 plugs at each end. Some of my components like the Oyeida better, some like the Furutech better...if I switch them around, they don't sound as good ....go figure.

as for the moment i am first looking into IC. When i have found the IC that works as i hope, i might dig more into PC's.
However, as it is now, i have noticed the Signalcable Magical dig, is quite good for amp. Though, i would rather have the Silver Ref PC (ofcourse).
The Silver Ref IC, is very good. It's downside in comapare to the Ref IC, is the bass and bass control. I don't feel the Ref IC is worth the suggested price, as a used buy. The Silver Ref has a more wide presentation on the top, slightly more revealing and open.
If the bass and extension and control was on par with the Ref IC. The Silver Ref would be a slayer. I feel and believe, the network cables are doing something here. However, i still wonder why i see no IC's made especially for class d amps. It amazes me. These amps seems more in need of true rfi rejection. Aswell as i believe that a larger diameter PC do more in terms of richness and fullness aswell as bass extension. I tried two no-name PC's, they are about the same. One is larger in diameter than the other. The larger seems an improvement all over.

As i've been working with a project for my speakers, mainly a control over bassreflex ports. This was not something that could be bought. So, i did some prototypes. Now i have had some units laser cut to fit the ports/gates, aswell as i have ongoing, machined cones done. This is to make a control of the output of the ports. My ports are vented at upper and lower bass. These prototypes has proved giving more nuance and improving impact. Testing with totally open ports, closed and one port closed. Aswell as my own prototypes, makes it clear there is a good margin for change to the better. In this project, i noticed significant changes when trying IC's. I have been slightly obsessed lately. As i see it, at my speakers, the gates/ ports, do as much as passive drivers. It is difficult to explain this. But it is very audible. When an IC proves as much improvement in terms of bass extension and control as it does on the speaker as of original, it proves even more so with the protypes. I believe the ready made units will do slightly better. So, i can't wait to get hands on a better IC and PC. Ofcourse, money is a problem. Otherwise i've tried some IC's and PC's i really believe would make a drastic change. I have also found special made weights, to palce on to my speakers. These absorb chassias resonances and turn them into heat. I can't wait to get them. I have also got decoupling feets after this weight. So i expect vibrations to not goet down in the floor and back into chassis. Now resonances will go upwards, into these units that is on top. This also will make bass more nuanced and clear. It also affects midrange and tweeter. Many small changes in a system, makes a great deal in the end result. I find it very rewarding, doing some improvements not costing as much as a Transparent IC. The worst thing is, that i know, the more improvements i can make, the better, a better IC and PC will also improve. Dah... how smart;)