W4S or Bryston

Hey all, 

Need some advice from the experts :)
I was on the merry-go-round again and my system is now Bryston BDA-2 > BHA-1 > W4S ST-500mk2 -> PMC DB1i.
I am using all XLR connections and the issue is that the W4S has too much gain (30db gain) for my efficient PMC's and the volume gets loud really fast. I'm adding a Rothwell XLR attentuator (-20db) to mitigate this.

I could replace the W4S with a Bryston 2.5 SST2 PRO which is 23db in balanced connections, and also has up to -14db level adjustment.
Essentially I would have the same gain but without the Rothwell and an all Bryston system.

Thoughts? Anyone have experience with both amps?

Bryston would be my choice
 When comparing I found the whole Bryston system has more definition to the music.
 The Bryston is using more expensive discreet transistors.
 you get what you pay for.
Thanks @audioconnection
Any other feedback? I’m contemplating pulling the trigger on a 2B SST or 2.5B SST2 to replace the w4s
 I have had the SST line in a few models. It is a little rougher on the higher frequencies. I would opt for the SST2. The new cube version is supposed to be even more smoother on the higher frequencies.
either would be better The SST 2 would be the best option.
 let us know how it went
Thanks for the feedback. The SST2 is twice the price so a bit out of my budget.
Other components are BHA1, BDA2 and PMC DB1i, so hopefully the higher frequencies won't be an issue
Bryston will work together either vintage
 made with great parts inside
 you will hear it within minutes, Keep it all on for four days run in
 and you will get the full picture.
 Happy Listening,