W4S Music Server I vs II???

I'm trying to decide between these music servers. The primary differences are that the II has the I2S connectivity, an extra 1 GB of RAM and extra 1 Terabyte of HD capacity.

I've pretty well decided I really don't need I2S connectivity because I won't likely ever be using a PS Audio DAC, which uses it - most others use USB 2.0, Toslink, or Coax, which are fine.

I've also decided I really don't need 2 GB of RAM, or the extra 1 Terabyte of HD capacity (additional 1000 CD files).

Is there any other reason I might need / want the Music Server II with I2S and the extra capacity???
I see you're a Linkwitz fan.  So am I.  I've had a set of Orion loudspeakers for about 8 years now.

I run an old HP laptop with Ubuntu Linux and the free open source Banshee music server.  It's also available free for Windows and Mac.