W and M Audio Speaker cable and Interconnects

I have had a few inquiries about the W and M Speaker and Interconnect cables that I recently won (at auction) on Agon. They are a new Company, at least to be seen here (on Audiogon), and (by the photos) they have an outstanding product. I recently took the Audiogon Auction "leap of faith" and I have come away with a feeling that I was greatly rewarded for it (it has NOT "always" that way).
For the present moment, I must reserve judgment to only the areas that I am certain of. Such as:
I have had excellent communications (Via: Email) with W and M Audio (of the UK) before and after the auction. They are anxious, and dedicated to receive "Good Feedback" (in the United States) about themselves and their "Higher End" Audio products. From the start, they have been VERY good people to deal with.
The "Agon Auction" went well for me and I rec'd winning bids for both the Interconnects and the Speaker Cables. I sent my payments Via: PayPal. NOTE: A "small" snag there, but quickly fixed and documented (it was my first PayPal adventure). W and M Audio shipped the cables out immediately (from the UK) and they arrived at my door in ONE week. Outstanding time for shipment from the UK !! Packaging was First Rate and with "NO" DAMAGE" at all. The package was VERY well "labeled" (both the interconnects and speaker cables were packaged within the same box).
Opening the package revealed two very nice "presentation" boxes, fit for good jewelry (albeit "very large" jewelry). I've never been big on "fine" boxes (other than the good shipping kind). Something in a "nice box" has always made me feel a bit leery of the product itself. How-ever.. nice boxes (non-the-less, they are) and they will be great storage containers for other audio stuff at a later date.
The smell of "new" Audio cables" (or "something" new, anyway) is quite apparent when the fancy boxes are opened. The Cables are professionally packaged and they are placed in the boxes with proper care (Coiled, Wrapped and Tied very well). Little "Picture" Cards are attached with gold embossed, elastic bands that picture an "exploded" view of the cables and explanation of construction.... nice touch (I was ready to eat the cables at this point). The cables themselves (finally) looked VERY, VERY well done. Surprisingly even "BETTER" than pictured on the "Agon Auction" site (what had sucked me in in the first place). I will not go into the finer detail of material and construction. It is VERY evident in their photos (I am going to assume that all that are reading this have gawked at them with much wonder, skepticism and/or lust). They are "exceptional" in quality and nicely put together, exceeding all of my expectations (for construction). Attention to detail is first rate. All seems just about perfect, at least for all areas "NOT" involving (the main issue) "THE SOUND" (after all, "who cares "what they look like", what kind of box that they are in or what kind of card is attached, as long as they "SOUND" good ??).
This would be a (Agon Member) "Review" (of sorts) if I could just sit and "listen" to them. I cannot.
I have just acquired a pair of Genesis 400's. I am NOW on an "amp" hunt for them (2K area, possibly even an Integrated... Bel Canto, DK, Portal, on and on). I do not have an amp (at this moment) that I can use to justify the sound of this speaker/cable combination. Even to judge for a review (after I buy another amp) I must use my "old" cables as a reference (for a while) so that I may become familiar with my new (at least to me) Genny's and (whatever amp.The "Genny's" are a very nice "full" range (or close enough to it) speaker. I should be able to judge many of the qualities of of these "seemingly" fine cables at a later date.
I am in hopes that my comments will help guide those that are considering "BIDDING" on (or just purchasing) the W and M Cables. For now, they will sit on the top of one of my speakers and try in vain to tell me something. Too bad I can't hear what it is.

Best regard's,
Antonio "Tubby Tubeears"
I finally made a decision on the amp to use along with the W and M cables. I am going to try out the little Onix P-3 Tube amp and see if all of the hype and glamour is worth the gallons of good ink from the reviews. This little Silver Pig was not that much more than I paid for than the cables, plus, having had good relations with Mark at AV123 for years, I will quess that that it is (quite probably) a good piece ("Wally" at Underwood Audio also swears by them. He has a great set of ears and impeccable honesty). I will know soon enough. If the little snorter isn't fit to drive the Gennies, you will quickly see it listed under "Tube amps" right here on good ole' Agon.
Hey Tubby-
Its been quite some time since you won your cables.
Have you had a chance to listen to them yet instead of just look at them?
I'd like to hear how they sound please.
Hi David99

The jury is still out on the cables and interconnects ("my" jury, anyway). So far they are mostly "Eye Candy".
The bad news first. I rec'd my Onix SP-3 tube amp from AV123. They treated the amp bad enough in shipping that I had to return it and swap it out for another one. AV123 was very good about shipping the replacement and it came in just fine. The "little silver pig" sounds pretty good. It has been 3 days of listening and breaking it all in.
I cannot be very accurate (in my judgement of the cables) at this time. I won't even try to start a real review. I can only comment on the W and M "interconnects" in their comparison to some of the switching around that I did last night.
The W and M interconnects are very warm. A "comfortable" sounding cable, that is not "laid back". The detail is all there, but delicate and open. I could not detect any "harshness" or glare with them. The bass lines are solid and quick. Very well defined with a lack of "mud" and bloat. There is no doubt, they are a "higher end cable" but I am not able to get a real grasp on their "signature" yet. Imaging is totally in the crapper at this point. What that is at the expense of, I just don't know yet. If the bad stuff is a product of the cable, or the combination of the new amp (still breaking in) and lousy front end... I just can't say. I can only hope that the cables live up to their looks. Beauty is only skin deep with this stuff.

Sorry that I can't be of more help. I will try to get this system straightened out and do some real listening soon.

Hi, Tubby
I'm just wondering how is sound of your W and M interconnect cable and speaker cable now? coz I want to try my luck to bid it

I find it interesting that they put ferrites on their interconnects. I can't think of another company that does that with analog IC's. I tried it once, and found the result to be a 'closing-down' of the soundstage, and a loss of air.
Do they have a website? I couldn't find anything with a google search except references to audiogon.
Sorry about not posting for so long. I have gone through a few pieces of equipment and have had good and not-so-good experiences. The good ones are major shifts in my amp plans. Without a lot of detail, the Onix SP-3 integrated tube amp just did not work out for me. I started over again and picked up a MUSE 160-mkII power amp and a McCormack TLC-1 (passive) pre-amp. I have owned 3 TLC's over the years. I know them, and I like them. They are a oasis of transparent friendship that have very few drawbacks and have a lot to offer (for a good price). The MUSE 160mk2 is a bit of a legend for its neutral musicality. It has that gentle "Jeff Rowland" type of sensual detail that make delicate images appear. The amp makes it seem as though there were little speakers positioned within every square inch of the room.
The speakers are (still) the Genesis 400's.
The Front end... I'm still waiting on a new CDM 12.1 replacement Laser for my McCormack SST-1 Transport. CD's are temporarally off of my Philips CD/DVDp Audio-Quest co/axed to my AMC Dac-8. I'm listening a lot to the Polk XM Radio tuner (also co-axed to the AMC Dac). Everything sits on VibraPods or isolation cones.

This bit of information (not intended to be a review) does not seem (at a glance) to be a favorable one (especially for my future re-sale or trade/ if need be). However, if read between the lines, you will see that these cables have their spot in Audio Heaven.
The good intentions of W and M audio was to create an interconnect that would compete with the best. They have achieved their goal of a VERY high user/buyer feedback (with much initial and current praise for an outstanding product). I was the first to give them a positive (Audiogon Feedback) notation. I will certainly stand by that. It takes a lot more than just a short listen, or a glance at a box to be able to find the character and heart of a true high end audio piece. The issues are the basic quality of construction, the company's interests in itself as a contributer to SOTA and (last, but not least) the consumers satisfaction with the product.

note: The interconnects that I am addressing here should not be confused with the W and M Audio speaker cable. They are another topic entirely.

The W and M interconnects seem to be a classic and solid case for correct and very precise equipment mating and synergy. As my newest system started to take shape, I noticed that it lacked the fine detail and openness that I have grown to expect from higher end levels of equipment. Narrowing down the reasons by way of elimination and substitution (yes, and lots of listening) I have reached (imho) a valid conclusion about the W and M Audio interconnects.
The W and M Audio interconnects are smooth and unrestrained over the ENTIRE audio band. From top to bottom they are musical, non fatiguing and polite to the extreme. The somewhat relaxed overall sound is not completely "dulled" but seems to lack the clear and precise "edges" that outlines or creates the borders for the instruments. NOTE: As to the lack of soundstage (as per Tplavas), it seems to "breath" in and out at times as the HF content is subdued and clarified (perhaps an artifact of ferrite ?). The stage seems to widen as the dynamics increase (as though the sense of air and space were power dependant). The overall sound is not one that is either blurred or veiled but it seem as though it is a bit distant, not allowing the crisp attack of the percussions show through, nor does the shine of the brass "shimmer" as it did with the silver conductor cables.
When I switched speakers to a pair of Klipsch KG-3.2 horn loaded, efficient and generally too bright sounding (for my tastes), the interconnects seemed to blend in very well. Much of the "edge" was taken off of the horn, and there was no loss in detail. The soundstage problem also was much less apparent. In fact, on the Klipsch, the stage seemed to open wider, and took on a more 3D image. On both speakers, the bass was very tight, defined and dropped as low as either speaker system was capable of. This is the interconnects strong suit, the low end transfer and pace. As it creeps up the frequency ladder, the tonality gradually takes on the sweetness and rather reticent behavior that is better suited for systems that exhibit a more aggressive nature.

Ironically, my tastes tend to enjoy the smooth, polite and more of an overall "tube" sound (in my choices for a "perfect" audio system). My choices for an amp, pre-amp and speakers are all smooth sounding. Whether taken as individuals or as a system, mine will come of as tube-like and more musical, than analytical. The W and M Audio cables may have pushed my system "over the edge" even for me. With the Klipsch KG 3.2's all was fine. However, the Genesis 400's are (for good reason) my speaker of choice. I will not sacrifice the tremendous spatial capabilities of the Gennies for just the basic tonality of the Klipsch and W and M combo.
I beleive that the W and M Audio cable would be a higher powered, single ended, tube amp to HE speakers dream interconnects. Perhaps an 845 to Cain and Cain's or perhaps even big Mac's to K'orns or the many speakers that I gave up because I could not find an interconnect that would work the magic needed for a high-output tweeter/mid combinaion.

I have made the hard decision to rid myself of the W and M Audio interconnects. I was the first of their customers and I know I will not be their last. Their interconnects will work wonders in systems that can make use of their wide bandwidth and their smooth, relaxed nature.

I hope that this has been of help to those that are concidering the product. I have been as honest as I can and my fingers are now numb.



I made my interconnect comparisons with (against) mainly the following:

* Clarity Labs .... "FoxFire" (cable ref. for Vac. tube valley ..... Responce Audio)
* DH Labs ...... BL-1 series 2
* Straight Wire "Encore 2"
* Monster .... Ref ONE

Speaker cables were:

* W and M Audio cable
* DH Lab .... T-14 double runs.
* Nordost ..... Super Flatline (doubled for non-biWire)
* No-name .... OFC flexJacket triple 12ga. braid.
Tubears, thanks for that review. It's strange, because I've heard that strange dynamic 'pumping' from IC's before, although they didn't have ferrites on them. The Audioquest ferrites I tried years ago just seemed to shut down the very uppermost treble, thereby disassociating the harmonics that live in that range from their fundamentals. The dynamic 'pumping' I heard was from a pair of Litz wire IC's, that would appear to have nothing in common with the W&M's other than locking connectors (???). It's a strange phenomenon. It's as if the leading-edge dynamics and upper harmonics become increasingly dulled as the music drops in level, quickly fading and contracting into a woolly 'grayness' of sound. (If that sounds like complete gibberish, forgive me, but it's a hard effect to describe). If I had to guess, I'd say it's probably related to super-fine wire. But that's just a guess.
Another audio mystery...

Thank you for your response to my post.
I'm at risk for showing my age, but I do not want anyone to think that the "pumping" would be on the same level as the Phase Linear "Compression/Expansion" unit from many, many, years ago. "That" thing was indeed horrible and they are still found on the internet.
I certainly agree with you that it is a strange event, and being that it is a strange hobby, we are even stranger for trying to debate it. (But) strange as it may seem, I'm going to take a wild stab at capacitance as the culprit. But why would one cable build up enough capacitance to discharge itself in the form of a rise and fall action by (slightly) increasing and decreasing the soundstage and another (high cap) cable not. It is indeed a small event and not only is it tolerable, but easily dismissed as part of the true musical soundstage recording. Perhaps it is just the ill fated association of equipment that is at fault, and not the cable per se.
The main gripe that I had with the W and M interconnects is in the lack of inner detail and the poor micro-dynamics. This is an absolute "must have" for me. Otherwise, just give me a table radio. Again, we can go back to sorry and feeble equipment association and just plain ole' synergy, in general. The hot looking interconnects "did" sound fine with the Klipsch. But something seems badly amiss when your interconnects "look" better than your speakers. I really think that there is "someone" out there that believes that these cables could walk on water if they could put on shoes. These cables have probably turned their fire breathing, shark mouthed, horn loaded, gas operated, 19 tweetered stereo into an oasis of cool water and sounds of sheer enchantment.