W/ $200 what amp would you buy?

I am looking for an inexpensive amp. There are plenty of options to choose from here. The intent is a small 2 channel system for vinyl in a spare room.

Systemdek IIX (DL-110) TT
PS Audio PS-IV preamp
Polk Monitor-4A's

Thanks in advance
There aren't a whole lot of power amps at that price in the classifieds right now, actually. If it were me I wouldn't do separates at that level, but hey, you're almost there by now, so... the B&K, either of the Adcoms and the Rotel would all do the job.

Now for the interconnect cable. Joe Mazzaglia makes one he calls the Auricle Encore which really is an excellent value.
Hafler DH 200,DH 220,XL 280,9130 or even one of their later transnova pro amps like the TA 1600.There is something special about that "mosfet" sound.

The Adcom GFA 545 was the "sweet spot" in Their line-up.There were also some great sounding Sugden amps.
I would push my budget up just a bit, and go for an Aragon 2004. Great amp for the money. Sounded excellent on my Quads. In that price range, and associated increments, you do get what you pay for.
ART SLA1 amplifier--$269 everywhere but $219 some places. Comes from the pro audio segment, but I've heard very favorable things from an HFC-er with lots of nice amps for reference. He said they take about 100 hrs to break in.

I've bought a Parasound Zamp ($140?) and an Adcom GFA 535II ($75) used from lucky strikes at pawn shops.

Or are you looking for an integrated amp or a cartridge amp? This is the Analog discussion group after all.
Preowned NAD would be worth consideration.
This is easy.
Art sla amp is amazing and cheap.

Email me if you want want info as I have lots to say and can help.

I have an extra sla2 on hand and available.
I can tell you from personally experience that the Rotel RB-951 MkII is one heck of an amp. Rated @ 50w per channel, but way under-rated. Sweet little amp.
Yeah, the "usual suspects": old NAD, Rotel, Adcom. But if you can get a Hafler for that price, I might go for that.

Last I knew, you could get a McCormack DNA 0.5, basic version for about $500, great little amp......
a good used B & K 202 amp
Amber series 70 amp less than 150.00 on Ebay and built better then most high end in its time. They sound wonderful top to bottom and will not bleed your ears like most SS built even now.
Nikko Alpha I believe is the champ in this price range that is often sold on ebay.
Any older Crown D-45,D-60,D-75,you can pick up on EBAY real cheap.
NAD or Parasound
There is a member selling 4 Hafler TA-1600 amps on A-Gon for $100 each.These are a steal!!! They put out a very solid and musical(almost tube-like)60 wpc.I keep one as a spare and sometimes think that I'm crazy for returning to more expensive/esoteric amps.They will accept 16 guage bare wire or pins and the 1/4" to RCA adapters are inexpensive from Radio Shack.Here is a link to Kafler's spec sheet:
thank you all. I ended up going w/ a Rotel RA 1210