Vudu/Oppo audio problem

I will admit that I am not much of a home theater guy so I have little knowledge of some of the intricacies involved. On occasion we will rent a movie using Vudu which I source through my Oppo 103D. the audio output goes direct to my Dac. When I play Vudu movies I get no audio and have to use the poor quality speakers on my Panasonic TC-P50GT50 Plasma TV. When I play Youtube or some other source the audio is just fine. I have changed some settings on the TV to no avail. Is this a format compatibility issue between the movie audio file from Vudu and the Oppo? I would appreciate any help. FYI, this is not a component connection issue and I have the latest firmware downloaded to the Oppo. Looking for ideas, thanks!
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In the oppo setup menu, check audio processing.

You may be sending 5.1 to your DAC when it only handles stereo. :)
Ok, it was set for 7.1 surround. I changed it to stereo, tried the test tone and got nothing. I tried playing a movie and the same thing, no sound.
My Dac displays the bit rate when playing various files. When I switch to Vudu it flatlines indicating no signal.
There were some known issues with the oppo and vudu in 2018, worth searching
I appreciate the feedback erik. I tried searching vudu/oppo sound issues on the net in general and on the A'gon forum and didn't find anything helpful. That made me think, alright, this has to be a simple setting or something that I am overlooking. Any chance you could direct me to a link?
There are some free movies you can stream. The link you provided was about connecting to vudu as opposed to the sound problem. Like I mentioned, I can't seem to find anything that addresses my particular issue.
Sorry, I am unable to try your problem at this time. :(

Your alternative of course is to use the stereo L and R outputs from the Oppo.