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I am considering a Purifi amp from VTV. Today I have a pretty high end SET amp (Viva Aurora monos) which I am likely to keep and a set of Tube Research Samson monos (Solid state 300W/8 ohms).  I am driving a pair of Green Mountain Audio C3-HX speakers (92-ish db efficient and first order crossovers) as well as occasionally pair of updated Klipsch Chorus II when I want to rock the house :-)  My questions are as follows: 1) Has anyone tested any of the VTV Purifi amps and if so did you have a chance to compare to other top flight    Class A or AB amps? How do the stack up sonically? I have read great technical things about the Purifi amp from Bruno and others. While I have not tested any Class D amps in my system I have been skeptical that they can deliver the musical goods. 2) In the VTV Purifi line up I can see going with the monoblocks vs the stereo so you get two power supplies instead of one. I am curious if anyone has experience with the monos with the 3000w power supply to know what else it buys you. I would of course opt for the input board that lets me pick different op amps to give me some flexibility in tailoring the sound.
 I know Ric over at EVS is modding these and am not sure if I would go down that path...So my initial interest in thestock performance. Thanks in advance for any insights.
No..here is the description:NEW Monoblock VTV Amplifier with Purifi 1ET400A module and VTV amplifier custom input buffer and full 3000W power supply to provide the greatest signal headroom. Selected options for the modular plug-in discrete opamps from Sparkos, Sonic Imagery and Weiss.
Yup, here is the other thing, the person, that I dealt with, was top notch, no questions ask, if you're not happy.  Every question I ask, I received a speedy response. NO MESSING around.. Top notch customer service.

You can't go wrong.. Great reviews, on Purifi with Sparco opAmps and voltage regulators on their buffer boards. Never used one but heard a pair without buffer boards. It was still better to me than either Ncore or Ice, without aftermarket buffer boards. The Ncore was second with buffers and the Ice was third, FOR ME.. Still tough to beat the all around $ for $ with Ncore NC500s and 2590 Sparcos, they are really One Up.

All out, Purifi, with all the goodies.. There is a guy that hotrods that pile also... One Up again... How fast you want to go.. so to speak? He gets rid of the fuses, wires direct and adds SR fuses, with good cable, solders everything with good solder, paints all the contact surfaces with graphene, la-te-da...

Virgin chip monks assemble all the boards really really fast.
Just kidding, they are not chip monks, come to think of it they aren't virgins either.  Chip monks and rabbits, what else they gonna do,
Sing and what else? YUP...you got it.. work on stereos. :-)

Oh, OK, can’t understand why you need a 3000 watt PS for that amp module.

Just playing the mines bigger than yours card.

Especially when the module specs are just.

Output Power 425W @ 1%!!! THD, into 4Ω
Current limited to ~25A

Hi tellefsen!  I have two of Purifi Audio''s EVAL1 packages. They do not have power supplies (but you can build one for about $150), nor do they have chassis and enclosures. If you're handy, that's no problem. I can help you with those things if you like. These amp packages will outperform just about anything you may have heard. They are equal to or better than the fancy Constellation amps at $40k a pair. They consume almost no power when not playing music and have negligible noise and distortion. I know that's hard to believe. They are superb and you can build a stereo power amp for about $1000 total, less chassis & enclosure. I'll attach photos if that is allowed (nope); otherwise email me and I'll send them to you. They will astound you. More info on request.

Check out a review in Audio Express, July 2020; "The amplifier did exactly what is supposed to do, noiselessly, without stress or strain, and in a perfectly transparent way."  and SoundStage, June 1, 2020 - ". . .  then compared the Eigentakt (the generic Danish name of the amp) to his McIntosh MC302 stereo power amp ($5500, 300Wpc into 8, 4, or 2 ohms), and found them sonically indistinguishable -- their tonal balances were identical, and he didn’t think he heard any more or less detail with either." and "I’d been using a pair of Constellation Audio Revelation Taurus monoblocks -- massive amps that cost $40,000/pair, are specified to each output up to 500W into 8 ohms or 1000W into 4 ohms, and sound outstanding. . . it sounded as good as the Constellations. As I wrote in my review, “almost nothing about the A1s’ sound had changed -- the tonal balance was the same, the highs were just as extended and the midrange just as pure, voices were equally robust, bass just as extended, and the soundstaging and imaging were exactly as before.” What’s more, I also thought that if there were any differences in the sounds, they “were at best slight and, surprisingly, favored the Purifi.”

I have been building amps for over 40 years and have never heard anything
 this good. I have no financial interest in the product. I don't know who the VTV refers to in the amp you mention. It must be some outfit using the Purifi Audio modules. I'll bet they want more than $1000 for it. The ones in the EVAl1 are rated at 200 wpc at 8 ohms and 400 wpc at 4 ohms. If you're anywhere near Southern California, come by and hear it. I'm trying to figure out how to scrape enough cash together to replace the other 12 stereo amps in my various systems. I have five systems and a very tolerant wife. Keep Smiling!
This guy has got good Purifi 1ET400A pricing which is in $au that equates to $1696usd for this stereo amp.
I'm listening at the moment to his Hypex NC500 monoblocks (Belcanto Ref 600 monos copy) but with big linear power supply.  

Cheers George
Rookie question. Is the power supply what separates the men from the boys in class D amps? 
No, the 3000 watt PS is used with the higher watt Ncore amps like the UcD2K with 1600 watt at 8 Ohm. The 600 or 1200 is more than enough for the Purifi 1ET400 depending on implementation.

I have Hypex NC500 module’d monoblocks here at the moment, which are the same as the Belcanto Ref M600 monoblocks, except for they have Linear Power Supplies (LPS) instead of Switch Mode Supply (SMP) ones.
And as much as I thought the Belcanto’s Ref’s mono’s were one of the better Class-D’s that I have heard, I much prefer these, with a large linear power supply that use 3kva toroidal, fast 120A Schottky rectifiers, and 60000uF many small matrixed capacitors per channel for very low ESR.

Cheers George
Hay OP

Better to stay out of trouble, than to get out of trouble..

A larger well built PS is always a plus..

I have a Nord One up X 3. NC500s all with their own PS all with the largest they could supply at the time.
3. smps1200A400 Power supplies in the same case.
That PS is still recommended, by the pickiest in the "Hot Rod" community of class Ds.
Sparco upgrades, 1200 watt PS, a little wire here and there, it's a pretty serious, little amp.

Everything is cool, but ONE POWER CORD to supply the whole kitten Kaboodle. THAT didn’t make a lot of sense. One MAIN fuse for the whole thing. I think it was rated one amp higher, than the monoblocks.

Any ideas on that one.. If there is a power outage (not very often) coming back on THAT amp will blow a fuse, everytime. If I power it on correctly no problems, never blew a fuse playing at serious, DB levels though.

In any case, a better PS has made a few ok amps, a lot better performers, pennies on the dollars for the improvement.

PS vs PC and power conditioners, to make up for the smaller, less expensive ones installed. Don’t scrimp in the PS... A 500.00 Power Cord, and 1000.00 conditioner, won’t make up for a 200.00 vs 300.00 PS in the long run... The main reason folks need conditioners, substandard, PS...

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