VTM200 or REF210

VTM200 or REF210 Which PowerAmp is better.

They will stand with LS26(PreAmp) and PeakConsultGrande.

Thank You.
Not going to guess because I have never owned either amp.

Having said that, let me leave you with a couple of thoughts. (1) The Ref 210 is just that -- a reference grade amp. I think that counts for something. (2) The Ref 210 has a much larger power supply than the VTM 200. This is another important spec. (3) The Ref 210 can handle KT-120 tubes. I think the KT-120s sound much better than the 6550s. (4) The Ref 210 was just phased out last year. The VTM 200 is a little longer in the tooth. A big assumption, but maybe the Ref 210 incorporates more modern and recent tech innovations.

The ARC customer service folks, like Kalvin Dahl, are pretty straight forward about their products. I'd give Kal a call after the holidays and ask him.

Happy Holidays


I have been a fan of ARC gear since the late 1980s. I owned a VT100 mk3 for a few years and I was never truly happy with it. I now own a Ref 110 and it is a much better amp. There is just something right about the sound of the Ref 110. My ARC V70 had that same quality. I would imagine the difference between the VTM200 and Ref 210 would be similar.

My current system is a ClearAudio Inovation Wood with Universal arm - Ref 7 CD - DAC 8 - LS25 mk2 - Ref 110 - ML SL3s
Here's a thread i had initiated a few years ago. I have not made the move to any of those 3 mono amps listed here although if i intended to replace my Classic 120's modded by GNSC in 2005, i would lean toward a pair of 210's or a REF 150. More toward the 150 i think. I just want to "scale down" to an amp that uses fewer power tubes. The 120's have 16 (in Triode configuration) vs 8 in the 150 in partially cathode/coupled topology which is said to be superior sonically to pentode and triode operation but the jury is still out on this claim.


Although i have replaced my phono preamp and line stage a few times since 1990 when i first acquired the 120's, i have some difficulties coming to grip parting with the 120's. Sweet sounding triode sound with separate power supplies and no "grain" whatsoever. Steve told me that he would take the grain out with his mods and he did. I would have to AB'd the 120's vs a 150 in my system/room and then decide. An ARC dealer in Montreal told me that doing such comparison would be futile and disappointing. "You need to go to a pair of REF250 or REF210 with KT120's in them if you want to make a worthwhile comparison". Only a sales pitch perhaps but i have known him for 25 years and i trust/value his opinion.
All the best in your search.