VTL2.5 or PrimaLuna2: wich is better as preamp?

I wonder if the Preamp section of the Primaluna can match the VTL 2.5 quality?

I am in the middle of a upgrade journey and still undecided if I go for integrated or separates.

I loved the VTL 2.5, but also the primalune two, with the advantage of integrated (so less cable and space).

Please give your precious feedaback! Thank you very much.
Hello anyone. Your coments are very welcome.
I like my PrimaLuna Dialogue 2 quite a bit, but I have not heard the VTL stuff, so I can't help you with a comparison.
My Prologue 2 does not have a pre out . Does the Dialogue 2 ?

Good luck .
Hello Saki, thanks for the answer, But the 2 will not coexist in my system...
Just comparing the preamp performance of both...
I have a TAD 150 Signature. Please google Angelfire or bizzy bee - TAD 150; check reviews. Only 300 or so were produced by Paul G. It's a very nice tube pre for the money. The line state is very nice. The phono stage is just OK but since I don't do records it's no big deal.
I've had Counterpoint and Audible Illusions tube preamps and think the TAD offers the best overall sound. I'm getting the upgrade bug again so if you have any interest I may sell mine soon.
Best regards,
The Prologe 2 does not have an active pre-amp section. It is simply an amp with a volume control and source selector. If you want a Prologue pre-amp the Three is it for now.
I've had my VTL 2.5 for over 6 years. I have not considered another. That might tell you something.
Thanks for the feedback so far!

I purchased a used VTL 2.5. to pair with Rega Maia3 amp.

I gained a lot with a more revealing soundstage and better timbres overall. Now I can hear much more music at "nigh mode" low volume...

However it seems that I cannot use all headroom available (I cannot crank to much the volume, never passed 12:00!!).

Maybe because Rega Naos speakers are very efficient?
Maybe there is a better synergy to both Naos speakers and VTL2.5, what do you suggest?

Good choice with VTL preamp.
Your 92db speakers will feel quite comfortable with 30wpc. amps.
Is the replacement of Rega amp an option? If so...I would start there.
Keep in mind that it's a system synergy that matters. Choose carefully.
Thanks Mrjstark.

Yes, of course the replacement of Rega amp is an option.
However it must be good and cost efective and a real improvement.

And I want to keep options open for the future. Like bi-amping to get better bass control and driver efficiency.

I am keeping an eye on some Class D projects (wonderful control of the Naos with nuforce, for example).

But I am not a techy so not really know how to evaluate pre and power match ... at least before I listen, of course.

I just wonder if I can explore more of the VTL with another amp.

Feel free to leave your sugestions.
Hello, I just replaced the valves.
I was adviced to install the recommended valves from VTL.
The sound got much tighter, much better in definition.
Still valve sound and sweet voices, but now drums can kick too...

So this means that the previous owner obviously have different tastes and looked for a different sound.

Just how sensitive is the VTL to this changes??