VTL Verses ARC, which is better?

I've been reading about the VTL 6.5, Pre, 6.5 Phono and the VT 150 . Both have great reviews. I have the Arc REF 3 ,REF 110 and Ph-7, Has anybody compared the two systems. thanks Rese59
I think you are going to find it difficult to find someone who has reviewed the two exact systems that you've mentioned. I think it is more likely for you to find comparisons of each specific piece of equipment, such as the preamp comparison I've provided a link to below.

VTL TL 6.5 vs. ARC Ref. 3 comparison

FYI: I own the VTL TL 6.5 Signature preamp myself, and I like it very much. My friend used to own the ARC Ref. 3, (and now owns the Ref. 5), so I have heard it many times, and I agree with the results of the comparison. I will point out that the ARC has a bit more flexibility vs. the VTL. And the VTL is very large, (it barely fits in my rack), so take that into account. If you really like ARC, then you might want to consider upgrading to the Ref. 5, as sonically that is a closer comparison to the VTL TL 6.5.

My two cents worth.
Thanks for the info Kurt_tank, I was reading
From Dr. Hi-Fi house calls equipment reviews, now it's time to do my own reviews.
From a service perspective I would opt for the ARC.
VAC better then both!!
I agree with Ebm. Try VAC and you'll never go back. A VAC preamp with a built in phono is as good as most separates. Take a look at a VAC phi200 amp (or two and run them in mono).
Thanks EBM, I thought about auditioning Vac also.
IS VAC really better than ARC?

Both are top notch whenever I hear them. Not sure how one can be said to be better than the other.

ARC has been around longer, is much bigger, and a better known quantity for sure I would think.

VAC is still more of a boutique type brand I think. Still a very reputable one as well though, as best I can tell.

Definite practical differences that might matter to most though.

I have heard way more ARC demos than VAC. Have never heard a clearly bad one with either, usually just a matter of overall system synergy case by case (as usual) and personal preference which might go either way.

At least that is my assessment based on what I know and have heard to-date.

I could live happily with either, and would probably look no further than these two for the cream of the crop as well, though I have many others sound really good when set up right as well.
First, when you referred to the "VT 150" I suspect you meant to refer to the VTL ST-150. Let us know if that is not a correct assumption.

Second, and consistent with Mapman's comment about system synergy, in the case of the power amp it seems to me that which is likely to be "better" is the one that is a better match for the particular speakers it will be used with, which have not been indicated.

The VTL ST-150 has a single output tap, nominally rated for a 5 ohm load, and **claimed** to be suitable for use with 2 to 8 ohm loads. I believe it also provides only unbalanced inputs.

Your ARC REF 110 has 4, 8, and 16 ohm output taps. Like many ARC power amps, in comparison to most competitive high quality tube amps it has a relatively high damping factor (spec'd at about 12) and a correspondingly lower output impedance, presumably accomplished in part by the use of greater than average amounts of feedback (again, in comparison to most competitive high quality tube amps). That will tend to increase its suitability for use with speakers having substantial impedance variations as a function of frequency and that were also designed with solid state amplification particularly in mind. However that increased versatility might, at least to a very slight degree, come at the expense of the adverse sonic effects many believe can result from the use of significant amounts of feedback.

VAC amps generally use minimal or no feedback (adjustable in some cases), have lower damping factors and higher output impedances compared to ARC amps (for a given output tap), and have multiple output taps including taps suitable for driving very low impedances.

As a very happy VAC owner, I will add that its president and designer Kevin Hayes is in my opinion and the opinion of many others second to none in responsiveness and customer support.

Good luck in your search. Regards,
-- Al