VTL Vacuum Tube Logic Pressings?

Not sure what I am asking for. I have 2 LP's That are VTL, Vacuum Tube Logic which I am assuming this is the record pressing?
My question is where do I buy more of these LP's that are made in this process? I just think it's some of the best vinyl I have heard.
There were very few issued and none have been released in many, many years. Post a wanted here and check ebay and gemm.
Narrod, what is gemm? Wanted is a good idea, thank you.
gemm.com is a good source for records from around the world. Not cheap but you can find a bunch.
Should you be looking for classical music, two small labels that make very strong statements when it comes to recording with tube microphones and in the case of vinyl mastering on tube tape recorders are TACET (Germany) and Fonè/Signoricci (Italy). Both sell their own products worldwide via their website.

(I've mentioned these in a few other threads as well; to be sure folks: I have no connection or commercial interest whatsoever, I'm just boundlessly enthusiastic over their wonderful products, sonically and artistically)