VTL TP 2.5 vs Manley Chinook phono stage

Looking for a phonostage for my father's system in this price range.

My experience with analog setups is very limited, chence the question.

Anyone had a chance to compare the two ?

Both are all tube designs, both cost around $2500, and both are said to be slightly on the warm side (which is what he likes).

His analog front end:

Wilson Benech Full Circle TT
Wilson Benech 0.5 arm
Wilson Benech Ply cart
It was for my father's system. Did not have the chance to compare it to any copeting preamp but his budget project tube box - it is much better than the little Czech box, no contest.
After a month with the Chinook in an all tube system, I am amazed by the resolution, dynamics, quickness, warmth, huge and deep soundstage, and extremely low noise floor of this phono stage. In an A/B comparison with my recently retubed-by-Aesthetix Rhea that I use in an otherwise all solid state system, it is clearly my favorite of the two; I am considering replacing the Rhea with another Chinook, it is that good. Grab one before Manley hikes the price on this gem.
You should listen to the tp 2.5 series II before you make that call for your own system. It's a big improvement.