VTL TL 5.5 VS Conrad Johnson CT 6 VS Shindo Auri

I' m hesitating between those two. I heard the 5.5 and wonder what would be the difference with the CT 6. I was told by the dealer to hold on until the Shindo Auriege comes in. Supposedly it kills everything else in its price range.

Anybody has any comments ?
Your dealer is correct.It does 'KILL" everything in its price range and then some.
Take your dealer's advice. Shindo gear is truly special.
Use your ears to decide. There are no absolutes. Different preamps work with different amps differently.
Shindo indeed punches (well)above its weight
I haven't heard the VTL or the CJ, but I just got an Aurieges and I really like it. It just sounds "right".
I think I'll be keeping this piece for a long long time.