VTL Super Deluxe PR-1- how much MC gain?

I am considering purchasing a VTL Super Deluxe PR-1 (dual mono) preamp w/MC phono stage to use with my Denon DL-S1 cart, VTL Tiny Triode monoblocks and 94db efficient Dunlavy IV's.

Does anyone tell me how much gain is provided by the Super Deluxe MC section? After lots of experimentation with my Jolida phono stage, I've determined that I need 57.5-60db of gain to incorporate into my current system without using additional step-up.

As we all know by now, the current VTL and Manley companies will not provide information on these older models.

Thanks in advance.
Most all MC phono stages should provide 60db of gain. I wouldn't worry. Regards,

Matt M
"As we all know by now, the current VTL and Manley companies will not provide information on these older models."

I didn't know that, so thanks for the info. What's the sense of holding back information like that? Its pretty basic stuff that a customer would need to setup they're system. I won't tell you how to spend your money, but there are plenty of other choices from companies that can do better. If VTL can't handle something like this, what if you have a real problem?
Thank you Matt, that is my gut feeling as well.

I'm still interested to know the actual gain if anyone knows, as I might also like to try the Super Deluxe with lower efficiency speakers and bigger iron if the gain allows.

Zd, I've just really enjoyed all the early '90's "David Manley era" VTL pieces I've owned, even though they're no longer supported. IMHO some of the real classics of tube audio. Push-pull, negative feedback, 12AT7's, Wima's and warts and all. Still brilliant sounding gear. The guy had great ears, built world-class studios and the gear that filled them, and understood the recording/playback chain probably as well as any designer of his era.

I can understand why David's son (current VTL owner) or his widow (current Manley owner) do not want their employees fielding calls and e-mails about a 25-year-old piece of gear that was David's work under his own company. I also understand that they are both very good people to deal with regarding pieces designed and built since they have owned their respective companies.