VTL Stereo 75, 85, or Tiny Triodes vs. 300B SET

Just checking to see if anyone can describe how these various VTL amps would sound on a pair of Klipsch Cornwalls vs. a 300B SET (such as the Sophia)? I'd like to listen loud occassionally but not head-hurting loud so max volume isn't a major objective; it's more about detail, air, texture, deep low end, strong midrange, and pleasing highs. I listen to rock, jazz, vocals, some classical. Reliability and lack of maintenance twiddling would also be nice. Thanks
I can speak to the Tiny Triodes. Considered by many VTL afficionados as the best sounding VTL amp ever built. They are very quick, do vocals with great detail and accuracy and repproduce bass well if not with great heft. I ran them with Coincident Triumphs 92db efficiency.

The do acoustic instruments well. Not so much the rock thing as they do not slam. Sound stage was great.