VTL Stereo 50

Hi there,
Does everybody know what tubes the VTL Stereo 50 originally
come from the factory? I have a retubed one and even the
original circuit is modified. I'm also looking for
shematics or service manual for this amp, however as soon
as I'll have time I'll draw it myself, since VTL doesn't
help. Now it has 4 Sovtek 5881WXT for power and 4 JJ
ECC81 for the line amp.
I don't know whether this will help you or not, but my VTL 50/50 monoblocks (circa 1986)came with British Gold Aero 6CA7/EL34's and 12AT7A/ECC81's—a pair of each for each side. For some reason,I never got a manual for them since they were demos. I'd love to have it now.
Thanks. I did some further seach on the web, and it seem,
that many come with 5881 (not 5881WXT). There ara slight
differencer between these tubes and between the EL34 as
well. However, as I know, they can be operated in an
overlapping range. I suspect, that the STEREO 50 needs
some fine tuning to operate correctly with a non exact
replacement tube. This week I will meet with a fellow, who
were involved in tube amp design for 10 years. Perhaps
afte that things will be clear.
Anyway, does anybodey know what's the difference between
the 50 50 and the STEREO 50?

I have to guess that the Stereo 50 is left and right channels in a single unit, whereas the 50/50 is a pair of monophonic units, each driving its own speaker.
Yes I guessed it to until I saw an ad saing: Stereo 50 50
for sale. So I'm a bit confused by the vtl model numbering.
Anyway the my need for the service manual is getting
urgent. I want to bring it back to it's original condition.
Any help will be wellcomed.
I also have a stereo 50 but dont know what kind of fuse it has
Does anyone have an owners manual? I'm getting one of these amps 5881 output tubes,,any information,such as bias values,experience would be appreciated. Thanks--george
I have read in some blogs that the original tubes are the 807`s? Yours Truly Ernest
I am the person who mentioned the 807`s, I just recieved the VTL Stereo 50 this evening and what a beautiful restoration. Its Looks better than one that just came off the factory floor by at least 50%. I can`t believe my eyes. Even the pic`s on the Canuckaudiomart although very good can not do it justice. Now to the matter at hand my amp uses the 6L6 GC my tubes are new it also has the 4 12at7`s all tubes are JJ`s. That still does not change the fact of course that a number of different tubes can work and as everyone know`s the 6L6 GC is used in a lot of Guitar amp`s. Yours Truly Ernest