VTL ST-85 vs Quicksilver Silver sixty

I currentl own the ST-85 and have been thinking of a change.
Has anyone done an A/B of the two amps in question or had any exp. with the S-60 or the V-4. any thoughts? Please advise. other sugestions welcome
I have owned the older 60 watters and also the Silver 90. I have heard the Silver 60 in a dealer showroom. Best midrange I have heard at any price. High's are slightly rolled and bass can be a little thick, but you can work around this by properly matching with cables, speakers, preamp, etc. Older Quicksilvers are biased high and tubes may not last as long, but once you hear them you probably won't care. My impression is VTL has a "faster" more transparent sound, but can sound too forward with the wrong speakers. Which is better will depend on other equipment and taste.
Thanks for the info Joe b. You mentioned the vtl as being more transparent, which is part of what I'm after. so I'm wondering if i just need one more st-85 to bi amp my Merlin TSM-M's thay seem to like the extra power. I'm trying to get more width & depth and a greater presentation of space/air
around the instrements. Also wondering if a dac be a better solution as i know my cd player is most likly the week link in my system.

Merlin TSM_M for L&R
Harmonic Tech Pro-11 cables
Powered by VTL ST-85
MIT T2 interconnect form pre to amp
H.Tech Truth link connection from player to Pre
Pioneer PDR 509 Player/recorder

What would be the best upgrade for me on a 1000.00 budget
Any thoughts would be great.
Hi E974,
Before buying another amp, I would consider the following.
As much as I like Harmonic Tech and MIT cables (I personally use them, but I am currently using all solid state stuff), I am not sure you have the best match in a speaker cable for your amp. If you bought your VTL from a dealer, I would ask them what they recommend for speaker cables. With the Quicksilvers, I used a very open and revealing speaker cable (Aural Symphonics, Kimber or XLO). I also used either Audioquest or Music Meter interconnects between preamp and amp. MIT and Harmonic Tech are good cables to use from your CD player as they will tame a rough high end. If you do not have a good dealer to work with, you may want to contact the Cable Company for suggestions. Try before you buy, if at all possible, as it sounds like you just need to fine tune a little. I think you might also benefit from adding a dac to your Pioneer cd player. If it is not a good transport, you will need a jitter reduction device.
However, you should be able to get a used jitter reduction device and dac for under $1k fairly easily today. Search the archives for recommendations.
If the MIT are anything like Transparent...loose em and the sound should open up a bunch. You may want to try a VTL 2.5 preamp to see how that sounds. I use a pair of VTL MB185s, the VTL 5.5 sig preamp, HT truthlinks and pro-9s and i'm real happy. The pro silways sound good between the amp and pre but keep them away from the CD player
I have owned VTL ST-85, Silver Mono 60, ( only for 1 week ) and the V-4's. In my mind the VTL had a " muddy " sound compared to the Quciksilvers. If your looking for everything to open up ( using the Quciksilvers ) try the KT-88 or the kt-90 type 3 tubes they will give you a much better presentaion, and will definitely tighten up the bass. BTW, the Silver Mono's do sound much better than the older 60 quciksilvers.

I ran pure silver speaker cables and interconnects with the quicksilvers. I was using a pair of Vandersteen model 3 speakers in conjuction with a BAT VK-5i. I have yet to find a setup that would touch the midrange I had, and the rest of the soundstage wasn't bad either. I also used a VK-3i with good results, but it couldn't touch the magic I had with the VK-5i.