VTL ST-85 versus Music Reference RM-10 MKii

I am moving to separates and have narrowed down my search to these two amplifiers. They will be used to power Merlin TSM MXe through a Joule Electra LA-150 mki. I am wondering which one of these amps is capable of more dynamics. Also, if you are a ST-85 owner do you use the triode /tetrode switch or do you prefer one to the other. My musical tastes are varied so I need an amp that can play loud but is also soft and sweet!
Thank you for any of your experiences with either of these amps.
I own the ST-85 and I've had the Music Reference RM-10 (original model) in my system. The ST-85 will have greater dynamics and bass, but its best (most natural and musical) sound by far is in its triode mode (where the bass is still very respectable but the power is much lower).

Of the two I'd choose the VTL, but if it were my decision I'd probably seek a more powerful amp that still had excellent sound at high power. The VTL sounds okay, but not great, in its higher-power tetrode mode.
Hello Rrboogie, i have to disagree with what Plato said about the ST85 in Tetrode mode. I have that same amp as i have e-mailed with you recently, too me this amp in Triode is too soft sounding with the Merlins, but then again what kind of music do you listen too> For jazz or vocals the Triode is fine but for rock forget it, Tetrode rules. Just my opinion. YMMV