VTL ST-80 EL 34 Feedback and experience

Does anyone have experience with this amp. If so, how has it performed and what to you think the match would be with a set of Soliloquy 6.0's would be.
I used to own one, about 8 years ago. It was my first tube power amp. It was easy enough to bias, utilitarian in appearance and sounded pretty good driving my Alon IIs.
I later replaced it with a Sunfire amp to try to get more bottom end control of the Alons. Although I'm not a ss, this was an improvement in terms of tighter, more tuneful bass & more apparent speed on highs.
Since then I've had 3 other tube amps, all of which I preferred to the VTL. Main complaint was lack of transparency & detail compared to others. Tonality was on the warm side of reality, (not necessarily a bad thing) but to too much of a degree.
FYI, rest of the system at the time was: Sonic Frontiers SFL-1 Sig. preamp, Proceed PDT/PDP3 trans/processor, Acarian Black Orpheus Triwire, AQ inter. YMMV

I had an older ST-85 that VTL told me was more like an ST-80 than an ST-85. It wasn't perfect, was a bit noisy, & bass wasn't very tight, but then a somewhat loose bass may be characteristic of small tube amps in general. It also had some funky looking connectors on the back that looked like WWII surplus or something. But it sure sounded sweet used with smaller efficient speakers. I was using B&W CDM1-SE's, & a VTL pre-amp with it in my office system, & listening to jazz late at night on FM with my MD tuner was a great experience with that little system. It's a "tubey", very warm sounding amp IMO. If you call VTL with the SN of a unit you're considering they will probably give you more info. on that particular unit. I'd say, go for it, if you find a good deal on one, & think it will drive your speakers (I'm not familiar with your speakers). Good luck!
I guess that tube amps even more greatly benefit from monoblock designes. With (i guess) the same tube compliment MB125 delivers greater power and so is sound precision and accuracy.
Since I service consumer's electronics I've often had a chance to bi-amp my monos(VTL MB100) with descent powerfull SS amps(mostly digital) and many times made a conclusion about shy-ish bass of my tube amps(or maybe all of them due to output transformer).
The midrange, top-end accuracy and holography I havn't heard yet on any descent priced SS amp(I bought them used for $1000).
Excellent Amp - Small and pwerful. Very mellow.....
I service high-end electronics as well, and tend to stay away from VTL products in general.
Hifigeek, what are your reasons for saying this. I own the ST85 VTL tube amp, no problems in the 10 years i;ve owned it. Thanks for any info
I've had some service issues with the company that date back a number of years. Hopefully they have solved these issues. Because of that, I no longer work on their equipment or recommend it.
Yes i did hear they were a PITA at times. But i have a guy here in my home town who is an EE and could fix my amp.
2+ years with an ST-150 and absolutely no issues. It's also one of the best sounding amps I have owned.