VTL ST-150 vs ARC VT100 MK2

Speakers are Coincident Total Eclipse -- source is Accuphase DP75V, Preamp is prototype, 5687 based (similar sounding to CJ 17). Any thoughts or experiences with these amps? Room is fairly large. Music is mostly modern...accoustic, jazz, light rock. Thanks for your help!
Hi Just My 2 cents Worth
I owned the VT100 Mk2 for about 6 months/ while it was a great amp it was alittle too transistory sounding in my system (not warm enough) It was replaced with a pair of VTL
deluxe 300 monoblocs which to my ears are alittle easier to
listen to. While both amps have great highs and lows, the VTL's have a more pleasing (fuller) midrange to me. Your results may differ as I am driving Apogee Stages.
Hope this helps abit Bobspeak
The attached link is is worth reading. It was posted today on Audio Asylum.

I just read the thread and I would think IMHO that the ML speakers need the SS power and control. The guy is now going to listen to horn speakers which will work better with tube amps so there may be a mtaching issue. Both of the tube amps will sound great on your speakers but they will have a different sound from each other. I have not heard the two in such a long time that it would be unfair for me to make a comparison.
I auditioned both of these amps in my system and to my ears the ARC simply blew the VTL away. It seemed to have more power and control over my speakers. I preferred it tonally too with the VTl sounding much more forward but not as extended at either end......... Having said this my system is a lot different than yours so my experiences can only be taken with a grain of salt.
I havn't heard VTL amps but as owner of ARC VT100 Mk2 I can say that Preamp and Valve brand is very important. I'd recommend LS15, LS16, LS25 or REFERENCE (best) for preamp. And Svetlana 6550C valves and Svetlana (russian valves) 6922 for this amplifier. If you are using original Sovtek valves then you really missing a lot.
I'm with Bob in feeling that the ARC is a little more solid state sounding than the VTL. I make no comment as to whether that is good or bad it just is, both amps sound very good and compared to a true SS amp (a Pass labs Aleph in the comparison i did) the ARC still sounded much better IMO...a lot smoother top end. I use a pair of VTL 185 monos and the only thing i could see trading them for would be a pair of VTL 450 monos.

My gut feeling is that CMO may have a point as well. While i'm not sure i would use blown away as the comparitive term the ST-150 is at the lower end of the VTL line while the VT100 is setting much higher up in the food chain in the ARC line.
The ARC VT100 MKII can be improved markedly by using NOS 6H23 input tubes (try Upscale Audio, you need tubes matched to very close tolerances for the input). With these tubes the VT100 MKII becomes more dynamic, robust and full sounding with greater bass impact and punch while soumding more musical.