VTL ST-150 vs ARC VT-100

I'm thinking of retiring an older Audio Research VT-100 (mk1) and going with a brand new VTL ST-150 because I need a new amp and the VTL ST-150 is in production and ARC does not make a lower cost tube amp that is packaged in a box (they are open design and I like the closed box look better). There is a VTL dealer near me, but I have no experience with VTL products and was thinking the ST-150 would be real similar to the ARC VT series
which I really like, but lets face it, they are getting old. I think the VTL has the same tube complement. I assume the circuits must be real similar - is this true?

Has anyone owned both of these amps and capable of giving a good A-B comparison on sound and other factors.