VTL ST-150 vs ARC VS110

I am looking to buy a tube amplifier to power my Innersound ISIS speakers. So far I have narrowed it down to either the ST-150 or the VS110. Both are at the top of my price range so I am interested in hearing knowledgeable opinions/comparisons of the two. Or if anyone has another suggestion for a tube amp(s) to power the ISIS in the $3500 range I'd love to hear about it.

The only item in my system besides the speakers is a Shanling CD T-100 and MIT Terminator cabling.
I have a VTLSt-150 and it is a great piece it has a lot of power. I also own a ARC VT60 SE which drives Proac tabuletes, Which edges out the vtl in detail and sweetness. But the VTL's Much higher output does a good job driving my Aerial 10T's. I also think ARC has slightly better customer service. They are both Great amps you can keep for a lifetime. Call the two companies and see what they say is a better match for the associated components. I also have an ARC SP 16 Which I really love. Enjoy the ride it doesn't get much better, unless you have serious cash to burn!
Innersound has just come out with their own tube amp called the iTube. They've been advertising it in various mags. One would think it would pair nicely with their speakers but I've seen no reviews or feedback yet.