VTL's and KT88's?

Howdy! Does anyone have any experience using KT88's in their VTL amps? Specifically, I have a pair of MB450 Signature (pre Series II version). The best current KT88 (Gold Lion) is reputed to provide better sound quality than the best current 6550C and I'm tempted to try them. At $900 for the two octets, I'd like to hear from anyone who's used KT88's in their VTL's before I take the plunge.

I've got a pair of VTL 300 deluxe mono blocks and currently use Gold Lion KT-88's. In my system, with my equipment they are great. They roll of the high's silky smooth and oh what a sweet mid range. They don't have the tight bass like the 6550's but I think it just my speakers.

I tried the Chinese KT 88-98's because of the cost. I really liked them but they were a unreliable. I cheap'ed out and didn't buy them from Kevin Deal. Oh well live and learn. I did go to Kevin for the Gold Lions and I've had no problem.

Good luck