VTL repair success

Earlier this year I browsed many Audiogon posts related to CS issues on older VTL gear as I searched for a place to look at my Compact 80 monoblocks.  One amp had developed a hum at idle.  Annoying but still listenable.  I did try to contact VTL directly via webpage and fully disclosed I am the second owner of these approx. 30 y/o amps.  While I was not ignored, I did not get any suggestions on where I might take them in my general area (Kentucky).  The shop that last re-tubed my amps had closed (retirement) and I could not find anyone else locally.  Anyway, via www I finally found a shop in Nashville (British Audio) that works on home tube audio.  Very busy shop and it took several weeks, but they diagnosed and replaced two filter capacitors, solving the hum.  Very reasonable.  Mentioning this in case anyone in the Southeast U.S. has a similar need.
Actually my impressions of VTL service have changed quite a bit. I emailed VTL just the other day regarding an used Siegfried Mk1 amplifier. Bea got right back to me asked a few questions and followed up again promptly. People change and so do business practices. When all is said and done it sounds like they more customer oriented than before.
Hold your praise for them..... you have not sent said used unit in for service.   They do not like servicing second hand gear... Trust me on that one.... something as expensive as the Sigfried will cost $$$ if you need service.   They will extort every penny they can from you.  Caveat Emptor.
Definitely not a fan of VTL service, and if I needed service I would try to find another source. And I would never buy from them again, because of that.