VTL MB250 sig or Nuforce Ref9 SE

Between those two amps which would the majority pick?. The rest is Usher Berylium BE-718, MFA pre MC one ref, Esoteric/ Victor K2 Dac
Having used the NuForce Ref 9V2 SE for a year and a half as my reference amps and now having gone to the Cary CAD 120S tube amp, my feeling is that the VTL amps would be the better way to go. The NuForce amp tends toward brightness and with those Berylium tweeters, I don't think it would provide the best match (and I did hear that combination at a CES a while back).

That said, the NuForce amps use way less power and I've had much better customer support from NuForce than from VTL.

Another possibility would be to use the Wyred 4 Sound amps with a nice tube preamp. The Cullen-designed Wyred 4 Sound amps are reportedly great sounding amps that are perhaps a bit reticent in the extreme highs (probably what you'd want with the Ushers). Good Luck!
I know the question a little vague, but a very brief opinion is good enough...
plato, that was helpful...thanks!
Hi5, you're welcome. I don't know how large your room is but if it's not huge (and you don't play at rock concert levels) you might also want to consider the Cary CAD 120S. It features dramatically solid and articulate bass, sweet mids, and extended, detailed treble that doesn't bite the ears. The output is 120 watts/channel and you can use tubes from the KT-88 or EL34 families. It comes with KT88s, and that's what I'm using.
I'll give an audition for that....cheers!
No contest, go with the VTLs. I've owned and auditioned many SS and tube amps over the years and the MB-250 Sig's are still one of my favorites. Though I've heard many good SS amps, I've yet to hear one that competes with tubes when it comes to putting flesh on the bones and creating "palpable" images.

The 250s are wired for triode and sound way better than the MB-450s which are switchable. At 250wpc they've got plenty of power, they're very extended in both directions, throw a big open transparent soundstage and have wonderful layering and imaging.

I'd say their tonal balance leans a bit on the warmer side of neutral but they never sound thick or slow. On the contrary, they've got plenty of speed and tight bass with excellent pitch definition.

Though they may cost a few bucks more a month to operate than typical class AB SS amps or switching amps(yuk), sonically they'll be sooo much more enjoyable and believable and isn't that what this hobby is all about?

One more thing, I owned the MB-250s for almost seven years and put a lot of time on them while I owned them. During that period of time I did one re-tube and had two other power tubes go bad after several hundred hours. When a tube goes it usually takes a fuse with it. No big deal; replace the bad tube, replace the fuse, re-bias the new tube and within minutes you're back listening to music. No sending the unit back to the factory like some other manufacturers.

Happy Hunting!

Thanks for being very informative...
Hi5, Glad to give you my 2 cents. While there are lots of choices and even more opinions, you really can't go wrong with the 250s. Regards
I haven't listened to the NuForce Amps, but I do still own a pair of Bel Canto Ref1000 Monoblocks, which is another very promising Class D Amp, and has always been favorably compared with other top Class D Amps.

Having owned a VTL Super Deluxe Preamp, as well as having spent some considerable time listening to the VTL 225 Monoblocks, I would definitely have to endorse the VTL's on this one. No Comparison!
I have the same speakers being pushed by Nuforce MCH3SE C-7 amp and there's good synergy going on w/o brightness if your upstream equipment or cablings/vibration isolation is also neutral of slightly warmish. I once had the BC Ref 1K for a time but the Nuforce to me was a revelation.


Kenobi is correct about cabling and vibration control. Plato, I'm not sure what you mean regarding "a nice tube preamp" with the Wyerd for Sound amps. I use a dehavilland Mercury II with NuForce amps, and there is no "brightness". Good listening. Jeff