VTL MB-450 Signature Series 2 Amps; Current or past users thoughts

I'm wondering if anyone with experience with VTL's MB-450 Signature Series 2 can give impressions on their experience and set up? 

I owned the series II, then immediately had VTL upgrade them to the current series III spec. I still own them eight years on and they continue to serve me well. Built like a tank, fail (rarely) gracefully and very flexible with the adjustable damping factor. They also respond well to tweaking (power cords, footers etc.). Ideally they should be driven balanced and need a clean and ample source of power.

Finally it’s important where you get them from. Unless purchased from a VTL dealer you may have problems getting any sort of service when needed in the future ... so be warned. Feel free to PM for more detailed observations if that’s helpful.
I use VTL 450MKII’s and before that VTL 300 Deluxe MB’s. Folkfreak is for the most part correct with regards to "VTL Service". They really support VTL’s Dealers and their customers but they have been known to shy away from the used market. You never know who has been poking around in the product with a soldering iron.
I could never afford their amps new but I became a "Valued Customer" thru multiple upgrades over the years. I’ve toured there manufacturing facility, all around super nice people.

My MKII’s have never had a problem. note: they react nicely to power tube rolling, 6550 or KT88’s.

Good luck.