VTL MB-450 B+ Fuse

The B+ fuse blew on one of my MB-450's this week; the fuse in place was a Limitron KTK-2.

Today I found a shop with a KTK-R-2, the guy said they were the same, both are 2 amp fast blow. The spec sheet I found implies the "R" stands for Rejection and allows it work in a wider variety of fuse holders (the R has a 'nipple' at one end but it would still fit in the VTL holder). Other specs are very similar, they both measure about 1/2 ohm resistance.

Does anyone know anymore about this R series and whether it could be used in the VTL.

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Hi Bruce - we should catch up and compare notes in the VTL/Maggie world!

Contact this ebay member and get exactly what you are looking for for cheap: brooklynqueenselec

Your understanding of the "R" is mine too. But most sources are alot more expensive than they need be.

Best, Peter
See the links below for original VTL supplied fuse data and replacement fuse data.

Be aware, both of these links lead to PDF files and require the Adobe viewer to read:



Someone with better technical knowledge should look at the charts and specifications, and hopefully give you a definitive answer.

To me, it appears the replacement requires twice the interrupting amperage rating of the original before failing.
Peter: Are the KTKs available for much less than $8 a pop?
Zaiks, Peter got the Ebay sellers name from me.

Last October I bought 20 KTK3 fuses from Brooklyn Queens Electric for $45.00 including shipping.

That's $2.25 per fuse. Yes, it's a lot less than $8.00 a pop.
I'd say so. Thanks Albert.
Just wanted to say thanks Peter and Albert for the brooklynqueenselec tip, I passed on the "R" and bought a box from him. Friendly guy, fast service, good price!